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Sukari Lyema is for the women who take up space, the bosses, the leaders, the go-getters! Start your journey to a luxurious life with Sukari Lyema! 

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The Ostrich Feather Bucket Bag

The Ostrich Feather Bucket Bag is sexy, flirty, and feminine! Available in thirteen different colors, this handbag adds excitement to any look. 

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The Small Bucket Bag

The Small Bucket Bag is ideal for women who don't want to be weighed down by their accessories. Perfect for carrying the essentials; and a little bit more. Take off the crossbody strap and carry it by the top handle for a more elegant look. Available in 5 colors, the small bucket bag is perfect for a sexy night out!

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The Large Bucket Bag

The Large Bucket Bag is for women who like big bags! If you have a little bit more to pack this bag is perfect for you. Don't worry about having to find something to hold your essentials for the day. The Large Bucket Bag can accommodate what you bring, as well as a few items you may pick up along the way. Available in 5 colors choose the color that best suits you!

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